Casas do Montado

What you can expect

It is often in the small details that one discovers the identity of a people.

Speaking of Alentejo is also talk of bread, wine, olive oil, cheeses, herbs and conventual sweets.

Come visit the properties, know the methods of production, get involved in the traditions, taste the nectars, buy and take home through visits to the discovery of Alentejo where we have as main purpose to make known to you the rich and well-preserved heritage of region.

Always bearing in mind the objective of tourist valorisation of the regions visited, as well as their satisfaction.

We also have baskets made up of regional products, with the purpose of providing real picnic picnics, which can be a good alternative for a break, as well as to recharge on one of the pedestrian routes in the region.

Do not leave this Alentejo without enjoying a unique sunset, to the rhythm of the birds that surround, in full freedom of the field you can take photographic Safaris (day or night), where you will have the opportunity to observe and photograph fauna and flora in a mild climate, Which will keep unforgettable moments.