Veleiro Sem-Fim

What you can expect

The possibilities on the boat continue SF – boardwalks on board, lunches, romantic dinners, birthday parties, weddings (either on the boat or in the restaurant, weddings are always endless – a good bet!)
Westlander, sailboat built in 1913 in Holland. This type of boat, used in the Dutch channels for transport of goods, among them flowers, is the perfect sailboat for these waters. When there was no wind in Holland, the driving force was a horse on each side. It has no keel, but two side bolsters that stabilize it, which gives the possibility of docking at any margin.
17 meters of length, 3,10 m of mouth, 90 m2 of candles, 12 meters of mast and a draft of 50 cm.
It was later transformed into house and now it navigates with who likes adventures, a sailboat that resembles pirates. The wind experience on board a vintage.
Individual tours:

2 hours with guided tour, appetizers and drinks on board € 20 per person
2 hours with guided tour and aperitif + à la carte meal 40 €
Individual tour schedules:
Winter – Saturdays and Bank Holidays: 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.
Summer – every day: 17:00
Group tours

(Min 8 people):

45 minutes 5 € per person (Min. 25 people)
1 hour 10 € per person
2 hours with guided tour without appetizer € 15 per person
2 hours with guided tour and meal in the restaurant (menu nº1) € 30 per person
2 hours with guided tour and aperitif + meal in the restaurant (menu nº 1) 35 € per person
2 hours with guided tour and aperitif + meal in the restaurant (menu 2) 40 € per person
4 hours with guided tour and full picnic 40 €
8 hours with guided picnic aperitifs or lunch at a riverside restaurant € 70 per person
Rental of sailboat with 6.45 meters with capacity for 5 people and sleeping for 4 people € 125 per day and 70 per day
Rent of the manned vessel 1 hour 80 € and following hours 50 €
Canoe and bicycle rental 25 € per day, 15 € half day or 5 € per hour per person
Group Hours:
By appointment, flexible hours
Shipping WORM

150 € trip: 2 days Juromenha – Alqueva Sleeping: Monsaraz (camping on the boat or islands, Hotel not included) Food: half board on the boat, remaining meals in restaurants (not included)


Telheiro - Monsaraz