Astrophotography Workshops

Miguel Claro’s Astrophotography workshop can be held in a private format (One-To-One) or for small groups of up to 4 people, and in Portuguese, English or Spanish. Come and learn the astrophotography techniques during a unique experience with the Official Dark Sky® Alqueva Astrophotographer Miguel Claro. In this private format “one-to-one”, the learning process is much faster and efficient, as the trainer dedicates all his attention to the individual trainee or small group, making this an intense and a continuous learning experience. Normally the workshop begins in the afternoon and lasts a few hours into the night, with the practical/field part taking place in one of the Dark Sky® Alqueva landscapes.

Activity available by appointment only, taking into account the phases of the Moon, the weather conditions and the availability of the astrophotographer’s, Miguel Claro’s, agenda.



  • To make a booking of the workshop, a reservation is required and is dependent on the astrophotographer’s agenda. Date and time to be confirmed with the client.


Prices per participant:

Check the final price on the form available at right side. The final amount will vary according to the total amount of hours selected.

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