Stargazing Session With Live Deepsky Selfie + Printed Postcard


In this experience, in addition to the visual observation, the participant will have the opportunity to see the difference between what our eyes can see given the limitations of our cone cells, and what a deep sky photograph in real time can reveal in just a few seconds. 

You will be able to follow the capture and accumulation of light of the object that you first observed in the visual telescope in real time. Through the astrograph Sellina, a cutting edge equipment with CCD which transmits what the camera is capturing in real time to a screen or smartphone, it is possible to see the evolution of the image and all the color of the object forming as the light accumulates. At the end of the session, as a souvenir, each participant will be given the DeepSky Selfie in digital format and printed onto a 10×15 postcard of the object that was observed and captured by Stellina during the session. 





Voucher is valid for 12 months from the date of issue. 

Only available during the week before or after the New Moon. 

Requires a previous reservation. The slots are limited per session. Available from Tuesday to Saturday and is adjusted taking into account the month of the year, the weather conditions and the observatory’s availability on the date and time requested.

Voucher is personal and non-transferable.




1 Adult:   30 € with 1 Postcard Print

2 Adults:  60 € with 2 Postcard Prints