Starry Geek – Annual Pass 4 Seasons


A perfect combination. Come and observe the Sun during a solar observation session along with an excellent Sunset cocktail of Gin Sharish.


Solar Observation session:


Our star, the Sun, is presented in our conference room in a simple way and compared to other stars visible at night. This is followed by the observation of the Sun in our Observatory, using telescopes that are completely safe, which 100% block harmful emissions of infrared and ultraviolet rays but that allow the Sun to be seen in the wavelength of visible light and Hydrogen-Alpha. The solar spots, prominences and protuberances are observed with our specialized equipment, in a spectacular manner and without difficulties. You can experience all of this while you sip on a refreshing Sunset Cocktail of Gin Sharish.




Voucher is valid for 12 months from the date of issue.

Requires a previous reservation. The slots are limited per session. Available from Tuesday to Saturday and is adjusted taking into account the month of the year, the weather conditions and the observatory’s availability on the date and time requested.

Voucher is personal and non-transferable




4 Sessions distributed quarterly throughout the year for 1 person: 120€

4 Sessions distributed quarterly throughout the year for 2 people: 240€