Novo livro / new book – “Dark Sky Alqueva | A Star Destination” by Miguel Claro

Now for sell in the main book stores in Portugal

The author Miguel Claro is the Official astrophotographer of Dark Sky® Alqueva Reserve.

Earth is in the Sun’s habitable zone. It has generated life that is both intelligent and curious, delighted with the world. But the very evolution of life has stripped it of the star-filled sky which covered it until a few centuries ago. This fabulous “parapet” is full of light and movement, but what surrounds it is hidden by its own brilliance. Today, most people have never seen the Milky Way. In order to combat this light pollution, which is responsible for extinguishing the sky, the Alqueva Dark Sky® Reserve was created in the Alentejo, the first destination in the world to be designated as a Starlight Tourist Destination by the Starlight Foundation, supported by UNESCO and the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). Here, in this astro photographic record, it is possible to observe the sky of our ancestors and the celestial dynamics that occur throughout one night. It is one of the ways to demonstrate and to communicate to the world the importance of Astronomy, and at the same time highlight a heritage of architecture, culture and landscape in a union of earth and sky. It is a perfect symbiosis where, through photographic expression, beauty, science and art walk side by side, allowing the recording of images ranging from celestial phenomena such as Airglow and Zodiacal Light to the wonderful presence of the Milky Way, full of star clusters, Nebulae and interstellar dust, making it all so unforgettable. Photographing the sky, writing with light, is one of the most efficient ways of communicating science. Come and see for yourself.