The winners of the Prize “Cinco Estrelas Regiões” (Five Star Regions) 2021 were recognized in the end of April. Dark Sky® Alqueva is amongst those winners, and is awarded the brand “Cinco Estrelas Regiões”, a prize which demonstrates its growth within the National market. This evaluation system also encourages the brands to redefine their  improvement strategies, taking into account their own methodologies used. 

The “Cinco Estrelas Regiões” prize identifies the brands of great local importance of Portuguese origin. It achieved this by using the methodologies used to measure the degree global customer satisfaction, taking into account the 5 main criteria which influence their decision to buy ou to adhere (Satisfaction through experimentation; Price-quality ratio; Purchase intention or recommendation; Brand confidence and Innovation), in 3 distinct and complimentary situations: Evaluation Committee; Experimentation Tests and Mass Evaluation Questionnaires/Surveys. 

This is the 4th edition of the “Cinco Estrelas Regiões” prize, which seeks to give value to and to make known the best of each of the Portuguese regions in terms of gastronomy, natural resources, monuments and heritage, among other categories. 

Hence, it seeks to highlight the impact that companies have on promoting our country at an economic and social level, in addition to the wealth of heritage that characterizes our country in an equally touristic aspect, region by region. 

Local businesses are equally recognized for their quality. The award is based on the concept and methodology of evaluation of the “Cinco Estrelas Regiões” prize, and this year it has involved the participation of 346,000 Portuguese.

About the “Cinco Estrelas Regiões” (Five Star Regions) Awards

An evaluation system which measures the level of satisfaction that the products, services or brands offer to their users, using the five main variables which influence the customers   decision to buy as evaluation criteria. 

It uses the most complete and rigorous methodology on the market, applying different techniques for collecting information, according to the different products and services and the profile of its target audience. 

More information at:  www.cinco-estrelas.pt.