DARK SKY® Alqueva Nominated for the WORLD TRAVEL AWARDS

We have been Nominated in 3 categories for the WORLD TRAVEL AWARDS. Even being small among such great names that features in our categories, Dark Sky® Alqueva has big dreams to achieve, not alone, but with all of you! For that, we need to count with the Stars that are our followers, friends and their families, to Vote for Us and help to protect this dark sky and raise awareness about light pollution!

Thanks in advance for your vote. To simplify it, we leave the direct links and the numbers for each category!

Category N.º 127
Direct link to Vote for us for “Europe’s Responsible Tourism Award 2019”:

Category N.º 115
Direct link to Vote for us for “Europe’s Leading Tourism Development Project 2019”:

Category N.º 116
Direct link to Vote for us for “Europe’s Leading Tourist Attraction 2019”: