Portuguese Dark Sky® Association just received ACQ5 Country Awards 2020 for its leadership role in astrotourism

On these difficult days which all of us are facing it is very important to receive good news! With great honor we announce that the Dark Sky® Association just received the ACQ5 Country Awards 2020, as “Portugal – Best Practice Operator of the Year, Astrotourism, 2020”. This international award recognises the path and Dark Sky®’s ability to create, implement and develop astrotourism destinations in Portugal. It also recognises how sustainability and responsibility can be applied to the development of destinations.

The Dark Sky® concept and brand make it possible to combine the desire to have a tourist destination with economic benefits for the territory in a more harmonious way, always taking into account the sustainability and responsibility that contribute to short-term benefits, but above all, with a medium and long term vision. What we do today has an impact on the future, so, any destination, territory, or region, must always balance their resources and strategies with a medium and long term vision.

The concept started to be developed in 2007 and materialised in Dark Sky® Alqueva – the first Starlight Tourism Destination in the world – which also has been recognised since 2013 with several awards, from which we highlight the 2019 edition of World Travel Awards, as the Europe’s Responsible Tourism Award 2019, and already in 2020 the Corporate Travel Awards, as Europe’s Leading Tourist Destination 2020.

Since the end of last year, Dark Sky® Alqueva has been making improvements, diversifying the offer of activities and increasing the network of local partners, which will soon be visible on our website. But the Dark Sky® concept has also grown nationally as a result of regional partnerships, thus originating the birth of Dark Sky Aldeias do Xisto in partnership with ADXTUR, and Dark Sky Vale do Tua in partnership with ADRVT, thus forming the Network Dark Sky® PORTUGAL and positioning our country as a bet for a leading international destination in Astrotourism.

About the ACQ5 Country Awards:

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